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Guns & Ammo

Who is DO!

Hi, I am an artist based in London & Berlin. I have been working in the advertising, TV and marketing sector for over 25 years. I take pictures, illustrate, create 2d & 3d animations & shoot film.

I love to learn, teach, collaborate and create. Making great, memorable pictures is my passion.

I work closely with a diverse collective of people and organisations, designing, creating and producing work that we can all be proud of.

My wide range of creative skills are available for your next job, project or gig.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about past projects or new creative ventures you would like me to be involved with.

Passionate about Pictures

Some people I have worked with.


My Work.

Take a look through some past projects I have created.
The work ranges from illustration, photography,
2d & 3d animation, film making, CGi, VFX and post production
for still, moving & digital images.


Creative Resources.

The expressive, creative services I offer cover time-honored,
traditional & contemporary production in print,
photography, TV, film & digital. 

Providing you with the means, creativity and tools to
realise all your creative campaigns.


Studio, Location, Still Life, Fashion,
Landscape, Automotive & Retouching.


Storyboards, Pre-visualisation,
Concepts, 2D Animation.


Visual FX, Compositing, Editing,
Colour Grading, Output & Mastering.


Direction, Shooting, Editing,
Full Pre & Post Production Services.


Design, Production & Delivery.

Anything your business needs.


Modelling, Product Prototyping, Animation
& Rendering. For Still & Moving Images.

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